Teachers & Staff

The harmony between the staff is evident.  They work together as a team under the inspiration and guidance of Jesus Christ.  Each brings unique talents and gifts and extends her early childhood development experience and education each year.

Yvette Covey

Substitute Teacher

Yvette's desire to share her love of Christ and children brought her out of early retirement. She has decades of early childhood development and education experience and a calm, abiding spirit.

Shiloh Qalo

Music Teacher

Shiloh comes to LFS with 4 years of classroom experience from a Hawaiian private school. Her theater and music production experiences and absolute love for the Lord also landed her the job as our music teacher.

Jennifer Dorsey

Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer was welcomed to our staff in August of 2017.  She received her degree from California State University, Northridge and has 5 years of elementary teaching experience.  Her passion for Jesus and educating young children propels her before, during and after school hours.

Diane Luhnow

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Diane is a dedicated teacher of young children who has been with LFS since 1987. Diane's knowledge, skills, and love of learning make her classroom an amazing center for children to begin their education.

Erma Straw

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Erma has been teaching at LFS since 1993. She is a magnet for little children. She calms and develops trust with the most reluctant beginners. In her care, children develop a love for learning in all areas.

Jeanne Daniel

Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Bringing years of Pre-school and Pre-kindergarten teaching experience, Jeanne joined LFS in 2016. Her love for Jesus is revealed in her promotion of God's Word, prayer and protection of little ones' young faith.

Kandi Babcock


Kandi attended LFS as a Kindergartner and later became a volunteer. After volunteering for 18 years, she became part of the staff in 2007. She always goes beyond her duty as an aide and faithfully and responsibly helps each of the teachers.

Susan Bates


Susan has served at LFS since 1986: first as a volunteer board member and treasurer, then director on stipend, and finally accepting a part-time salary in 2009. She has a degree with small business management experience and leads the school with a passion for Jesus and the welfare of the staff, children and their families.